Garrett Harwood, Chief Executive Officer

Garrett has 31 years of sales and marketing experience and 16 years in executive management experience. He founded Eagle Shield in 2002 to be the premier provider of energy-saving products for the home and business. Garrett has extensive experience building large organizations with rapid market penetration and high customer satisfaction. Prior to Eagle Shield Inc. Garrett was Vice President of Sales for 24 Hour Fitness, a billion dollar company with locations in the United States, Europe and Asia.

Garrett is a graduate of Harvard Business School Owner/President Management Program with a degree in administration and an MBA in Green Sustainability from the San Francisco Institute of Architecture.

Kimberly Wright, Vice President, Sales

Kim brings to Eagle Shield 13 years’ experience training and developing successful sales teams. She has many awards for top team national performance and has been responsible for the growth and promotion of numerous sales managers and district level managers. Kim has played an integral role within start up companies by creating sales systems for worldwide sales organizations and is recognized for her ability to develop and deploy replicable sales systems that generate rapid growth. Kim has been responsible for creating leadership development programs designed to effectively recruit and train critical sales management positions. She is noted in the sales world for operating with uniformity, consistency, and integrity while delivering top results. Kim holds a BA from the University of California, at Santa Barbara.