Eagle Shield Dealership Opportunities

What’s the only thing better than being your own boss? Being an Eagle Shield dealer.  As an Eagle Shield dealer, you will realize the benefits of the comprehensive financial, marketing and sales support you will need in order to sell products and services in the lucrative and exciting energy market.

What makes an Eagle Shield dealership especially attractive?

The Eagle Shield Difference

Eagle Shield, offers the industry’s only NASA recognized, Space Foundation Certified products for home energy savings and more comfortable living. We provide a comprehensive solution for home owners starting with a comprehensive energy audit to determine each home’s unique characteristics and each home owner’s specific needs and goals. After determining exactly where and how the home is wasting energy, we provide a written report recommending the products and services that best suit that home owner’s unique needs.

In addition to the quality of our products and their proven effectiveness in thousands of homes, we have developed a codified set of best practices for installation and product safety in order to ensure customer satisfaction. It’s a competitive advantage that makes all the difference.

Market Potential

The market for energy-saving home improvement has never been stronger. According to the Department of Commerce, over 75 million Americans own a home and there are over 7 million businesses. And regardless of climate, homeowners and businesses are clamoring to lower their energy bills, create a more comfortable life, and eliminate waste with environmentally-safe products.

Rising energy costs are a concern for everyone. According to the Department of Energy, heating and cooling account for 50 to 70% of the energy used in the average American home. Eagle Shield reduces energy consumption year-round with products such as high-performance reflective insulation using space-age technology that enables it to retain heat in the winter while preventing heat buildup in the summer. Combined with Eagle Shield batt and blown-in insulation, solar attic fans, window film, weatherization and emergency gas savers, there is no better way to minimize energy loss, improve home and safety comfort, and save on utility bills.

Training Program

When you become an Eagle Shield dealer, we enroll you and your team in Eagle Shield University. Eagle Shield University is our all-encompassing training program that covers all the critical components needed to start selling Eagle Shield products. It includes product training, marketing and sales techniques, customer service management, as well as finance and accounting procedures.

Marketing Support

Eagle Shield provides comprehensive marketing support to its dealers based on its own best practices in market development and customer attraction. Our marketing support includes:

  • Demographic analysis to identify the prospects most likely to become customers
  • Cost-effective demand generation programs to build awareness and educate consumers
  • Marketing tools and programs including messaging, brochures, web site guidelines, and advertising support

Along with our initial training designed to get you started with a complete and integrated marketing plan, we provide additional ongoing coaching, webinars, literature, and web support to ensure your long-term success.

Sales Support

Ultimately, the success of any business is determined by its sales effectiveness. As an Eagle Shield dealer, we support your business with a proven “closed loop” sales process to help ensure your success. Our sales training includes step-by-step techniques comprising effective sales messaging, telemarketing scripts and guidelines, sales presentations, video segments, interactive demonstration kits, lead management software as well as professional installation and customer service guidelines. Our professional sales system provides an effective model for cost-effective, repeatable methods that optimize your revenue and profits.

Getting Started

If you are interested in being part of the Eagle Shield team, please click here to complete our application form. We will promptly respond to your request. You may also contact us directly during regular business hours Pacific Time, Monday through Friday, at (925) 648-2017.