Dealership FAQ

I’m interested in starting my own business. Can I buy your product and resell?

It’s not just about products it’s about services, including the home energy audit, proper installation and customer service. Eagle Shield has exclusive distribution rights to most of our products and we are happy to invite you into the Eagle Shield family.
“Experts estimate that contractors install some 90 percent of HVAC equipment and insulation sub-optimally, reducing efficiency by 20 to 30 percent.”
-Unlocking Energy Efficiency in the U. S. Economy, McKinsey & Company, July 2009

Below you will learn more about why Eagle Shield Dealers are the most knowledgeable and professional in the energy conservation and production marketplace.

Sounds like a great opportunity but I have never run a business before, plus I know nothing about sales. Do you provide training and support?

Eagle Shield realizes comprehensive training and support and the systems behind the business are critical. We provide one of the best programs of any franchise in the world that is essentially a Business-in-a-Box. A turnkey process that, followed properly, virtually assures you of success based on the following:

Eagle Shield University is an online, multimedia, knowledge transfer application for dealer employees that delivers consistent quality and on-demand training.

  • Operations: Reporting modules, policies, procedures, memorandums, etc
  • Marketing: Recommended launch strategy, ongoing integrated marketing strategies
  • Sales: Training modules and testing, videos of past conferences along with tips and techniques, library of all forms and documents
  • Install: OSHA Training and Safety modules and testing, instructional material on HVAC, PG&E duct wrapping, etc., library of all forms and documents

After training, Eagle Shield doesn’t just send you on your way alone. We conduct routine scheduled consultation with our experts to coach and guide along the path to success. Leads and lead qualification programs provide top quality inquiries for the dealer to close business.
Business Online Support System – BOSS, is an on-demand, internet based application that supports franchisees in all aspects of the business.

  • Exclusive to Eagle Shield
  • Fully integrated on-demand system built on a Microsoft platform
  • Accessed through internet browser
  • Customer Relationship Management: womb to tomb
  • Sales tracking: from appointment status thru to contract
  • Installation Scheduling and Completion
  • Financial Controls and Dashboards
  • Inventory Control

Sounds great! What do I need to do to get started?
Simply fill out a dealer application and we’ll contact you.