I have insulation, but why is it still so uncomfortable?

Typical insulation only slows heat transfer, it doesn’t stop it. So heat is slowed during the day, trapped in the insulation and is then released into your home during the night. There are several solutions to this problem and combined can provide you maximum comfort.
High Performance Reflective Insulation (sometimes called Radiant Barrier) and High Performance Window Film reflect heat instead of just slowing it down. These barriers are typically used in the attic or on windows. When appropriate, the Reflective Insulation Coatings can even be sprayed on similar to paint.
Since heat rises, and most attic insulation is installed just above the living space but not at the top of the attic, heat is trapped in the attic. A solar powered attic fan not only can remove that trapped heat from your home but do it with no energy cost since it is solar powered.

There are a lot of companies and a lot of options around energy conservation, how can I make the right choice to reduce my total energy bill?

There are so many areas in your home or business that either waste energy or can be used for energy production, a holistic approach is critical. The most important first step is to get a comprehensive energy audit that looks everywhere including attics, windows, doors, walls, lighting, heating and air conditioning.

Using a company that can analyze your energy situation and then can provide a full array of solutions such as solar cells, window film, reflective insulation, cellulose insulation, hydrogen energy cells and weatherization will have a dramatic impact on the project. A one stop shop for home energy conservation and production is not only easier but also less expensive and more effective.

[The] availability of credible, whole house contractors remains limited. Most contractors do not train in holistic building science, rather they specialize in a single construction procedure (e.g., HVAC or windows). The contractor market is highly fragmented … making it difficult for homeowners to identify which contractors perform relatively well compared to others and have the capabilities to complete the full retrofit.

Unlocking Energy Efficiency in the U. S. Economy, McKinsey & Company, July 2009

You wouldn’t take your car to one mechanic for a diagnosis and then other individual shops for an oil change, brake work, etc.?

Energy conservation is so expensive initially even if it saves money. How can I reduce the up-front cost?

Eagle Shield has several programs that can substantially decrease the cost of the initial investment while still saving you money and making you more comfortable.

I own a business can you help with my building?

Absolutely, we have products that are specific to business buildings including retrofit solutions for apartments, offices and industrial sites.