Why Eagle Shield?

Eagle Shield Commitment

  • Comfort: Making your home more comfortable, winter and summer
  • Energy savings: Lowering your utility bills
  • Taking care of the environment: Reducing our carbon footprint and protecting our earth’s limited resources

Eagle Shield, Inc., Energy Conservation Products & Services, Dublin, CA

Eagle Shield Unique Products

*Recognized by NASA and certified by the Space Foundation

What makes our products so special?

  • The only home improvement products recognized by NASA and certified by the Space Foundation
  • Backed by a fifty-year product and workmanship guarantee
  • Non-toxic and formaldehyde free
  • The only insulation with a Class A fire rating – zero flame, zero smoke
  • Mold and pest deterring
  • Allergy-safe, reducing dry skin and sinus related problems with less heat usage
  • Effective in maintaining more consistent room-to-room temperatures
  • HVAC life-extending from decreased operating time
  • Shown to add to your home’s re-sale value

Eagle Shield Services