High Performance Reflective Coating

Eagle Shield High Performance Reflective Coating™

Spray on Reflective Insulation

Eagle Shield High Performance Reflective Coating™ is an aluminum saturated, water-based coating that reduces the transfer of radiant heat. Applied like paint, it can be used on any interior surface in your home or yard to keep heat out in the summer and in during the winter.

Eagle Shield High-Performance Reflective Coating™ is an excellent complement to Eagle Shield High Performance Reflective Insulation, applied where insulation is difficult to be installed such as metal roofs or uneven surfaces. Just like our High-Performance Reflective Insulation™, it is the only radiant coating on the market recognized by NASA and certified by the Space Foundation.

Eagle Shield is the only company in the market to offer this revolutionary product. Our unique benefits to home and building owners include:

  • Improved comfort and lower energy costs
  • The lowest emissivity of any reflective coating, with a rating of .19 versus an average of .25 for other radiant coatings. Low emissivity means higher reflectivity, keeping more heat out in the summer and retaining more heat in the winter.

High-Performance Reflective Coating blocks 80% of the sun’s   radiant heat.

When applied to building materials, Eagle Shield High-Performance Reflective Coating™ blocks 80% of the radiant heat from entering a home or building increasing comfort and reducing energy costs.

Additional benefits of High-Performance Reflective Coating™

  • Permeable: moisture is not trapped
  • No interference with cellular signals
  • The lowest VOC (volatile organic compounds) rating—50 grams per liter vs. commercial paints with VOC ratings of 250 to 500 grams per liter. Fewer particles are dispersed into the air when applied with virtually no “wet paint” odor.
  • Enhanced home and building values


Our trained Eagle Shield Radiant Coating application specialists will be in and out of your home in a matter of hours. They’ll prepare and apply the coating using our commercial equipment, clean up, and properly dispose of all materials when completed. A typical application takes two hours or less.

Eagle Shield High-Performance Reflective Coating™ can be applied to many building materials, including:

  • Wood
  • Steel
  • Plasterboard
  • Aluminum
  • Concrete
  • Many types of tile
  • Other construction surfaces

Eagle Shield High-Performance Reflective Coating™ is designed for interior use only. It can be applied to the bottom side of roof decking (OSB, plywood, chip board, sheetrock, concrete or masonry), to primed or coated metal roofing, or to rafters and joists directly attached to roof. Reflective Coating dries to the touch in 2 – 4 hours at 77°F © and 50% relative humidity.

To function effectively, a radiant barrier must face an airspace of 1″ or greater. A radiant barrier will not function if sandwiched between two solid surfaces. Eagle Shield High-Performance Reflective Coating™, installed on the underside of roof decking, normally faces downward into the attic. If insulation is installed in the cavity formed by the roof trusses and roof decking (as in a cathedral ceiling), at least 1″ should be allowed between the top of the insulation and the Eagle Shield High-Performance Radiant Coating™.

Eagle Shield High-Performance Reflective Coating dramatically reduces heat lost in the winter and gained during the summer, extending the life of heating and cooling systems and saving money on your energy bills and increasing your comfort.

Now is the time to contact us to keep your family comfortable and lower your bills. Eagle Shield can also help you finance the installation costs, so Contact Us with any questions today. Click here to order your energy audit now for only $349!