High Performance Reflective Insulation

Eagle Shield High-Performance Reflective Insulation

Developed by NASA to protect astronauts and equipment in space!

High Performance Reflective Insulation (sometimes called radiant barrier insulation) is a patented, strong, thin aluminum foil sheet designed to block radiant heat transfer across open spaces. Installed on the rafters in your attic, it works with your existing insulation to boost the insulating power of your home.

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Cooler in the Summer

Eagle Shield High-Performance Reflective Insulation™ reflects the heat waves generated by your roof before they have the opportunity to be absorbed by your traditional ceiling insulation, thus keeping your home cooler.

Homes with only conventional insulation and no reflective insulation are uncomfortable even after temperatures cool off because after absorbing heat during the day, they continue to conduct heat into your home in the evening.

Consider insulating your garage, which is not included in the audit because it is not part of your living area. If you spend a lot of time in your garage, you will be more comfortable there as well!

Warmer in the Winter

In the winter, radiant heat waves from your living space are absorbed by your ceiling and conducted up to your conventional insulation and then into your attic. Eagle Shield Reflective Insulation reflects the heat waves back down into your living area instead of allowing heat to escape. This eliminates heat loss through your ceiling, saving you money.

Plus Eagle Shield Reflective Insulation protects your home from moisture build up. Perforations in the insulation allow moisture to pass through so it doesn’t create a moisture barrier degrading your existing insulation.

Lower Energy Costs

Eagle Shield High-Performance Reflective Insulation™ consists of two sheets of 99.5 percent industrial grade aluminum adhered together and tri-laminated to a thermal break to create a two-sided reflector. It cuts heating and cooling costs by lowering the amount of heat transferred into your home in the summer and out of your home in the winter.

Protect the Environment

Conserving energy and reducing your carbon footprint are critical steps each of us can take to protect our environment. High Performance Reflective Insulation along with Eagle Shield solution is one way you can help the earth. Take the first step with our Exclusive 18-point Energy Audit.

What Makes Eagle Shield Reflective Insulation So Special?

Eagle Shield High-Performance Reflective Insulation™ is the only insulation in the world, made from a patented process and sold exclusively by Eagle Shield. Don’t be confused by other reflective insulation or radiant barrier products. Eagle Shield High-Performance Reflective Insulation™ is the only product:

  • The strongest insulation will not tear
  • Safest insulation available – Highest Fire Rating A+ Zero smoke and Zero flame
  • The lowest emissivity .034 means Eagle Shield reflects more heat for greater comfort and lower energy bills
  • The only insulation recognized by NASA and certified by the Space Foundation

The same material NASA developed to protect equipment and astronauts in space is now available to you – Eagle Shield Radiant Barrier Reflective Insulation

The technology used in Eagle Shield’s Reflective Insulation™ was developed by NASA over 40 years ago to protect astronauts in the Apollo program from temperatures that ranged from 250 degrees above zero to 460 degrees below zero Fahrenheit. Radiant Barrier Reflective Insulation has been applied to every spacecraft since then, including unmanned spacecraft with delicate instruments that need protection from temperature extremes. The same technology is also applied to astronaut’s space suits, protecting them during space walks. And now this revolutionary technology is available to protect and insulate your home.

Traditional fiberglass or cellulose insulation in your home is old technology that only controls conductive heat transfer. Adding more traditional insulation will NOT solve your comfort problems or reduce your heating and cooling costs.

Professional Installation

Eagle Shield Reflective Insulation is laid over your present insulation like a blanket or stapled under your rafters or crawl space. You don’t have to remove any of your existing installation first. In fact, Reflective Insulation actually makes your present insulation more effective. It is quick and safe to install, usually taking less than half a day from start to finish.

Radiant Barrier Installed Under Rafters            Radiant Barrier Installed Over Existing Insulation

Eagle Shield High-Performance Reflective Insulation™ dramatically reduces heat lost in the winter and gained during the summer, extending the life of heating and cooling systems and saving money on your energy bills and increasing your comfort.

With energy costs rising, now is the time to contact us to keep your family comfortable and lower your bills. Eagle Shield can also help you finance the installation costs, so Contact Us with any questions today. Click here to rder your energy audit now for only $349!.