Solar Electric Systems

Eagle Shield Eco-Smart Solar Electric Systems

Reduce Energy Costs with Solar Power

Eagle Shield Eco-Smart Solar Electric Systems provide a full range of innovative turnkey solutions to streamline the process of designing and installing a photovoltaic solar solution that reduces or eliminates your electricity dependence and costs.

Eagle Shield Residential Solar Electric Solutions arrive as a complete system matched to your home’s physical requirements and tuned to your economic goals. All Eagle Shield Solar Power products provide you superior performance and significant energy cost savings for years.

Energy Independence in an Eco-Smart Package

Eagle Shield Eco-Smart Solar Electric Solutions are available in a broad range of system sizes and configurations. Each system is an integrated custom solution, intelligently designed to meet your economic and environmental objectives.

Every Eagle Shield High Performance Solar System comes complete with everything needed to ensure a successful installation and system commissioning with the local utility. Solutions come with integrated sub assemblies to ensure a simple and successful installation in the quickest time possible.

Superior Performance by Design

Our Eagle Shield High Performance Solar Systems modules have received the California Energy Commission’s top performance ranking and ensure years of superior energy production. Our system is designed to make installation of modules quick, simple and secure. Fire-code friendly panels allow for easy, fast installation.

Manufactured, assembled and tested in our own ISO 9001 facility, Eagle Shield Solar Electric modules feature one of the highest grade photovoltaic (PV) cells available. Cells are subjected to rigorous testing to verify performance and integrity before being assembled into a module. Our ES200W modules are designed with 6 silicon cells to optimize performance and to maximize use of today’s limited silicon supply.

Complete systems with ongoing service and support

Eagle Shield Eco-Smart Solar Electric Solutions come complete, and ready to begin delivering years of savings with an unparalleled level of efficient performance and reliability. Every system includes:

  • Top-performing Eagle Shield High Performance Solar Systems Series ES200W Modules
  • ClickRack integrated racking system
  • Integrated electrical assemblies link the array to the building electrical system in one easy step
  • Eagle Shield High Performance Solar Energy Series inverter
  • AC and DC disconnects
  • Ground straps and DC to AC wiring sub assemblies
  • Ground mount options available
  • Optional Eagle Shield High Performance Solar Systems Solar Power Monitoring Services

Built to Last

Eagle Shield High Performance Solar Systems solar modules are designed to withstand harsh environments and extreme operating conditions. All models are tested to ensure continuous performance under conditions they will probably never encounter:

* Repetitive cycling between -40°F and 194°F at 85% relative humidity
* Simulated impact of 2″ hail at 72 mph.
* Damp heat tested for 240 hours with exposure to 185°F and 85% relative humidity

Eagle Shield Solar Power Monitoring Services

Expand the value and reliability of Eagle Shield Solar Electric Systems with the addition of the Eagle Shield Solar Power Monitoring Services package. With the Monitoring Services package, you have 24/7 access to key system performance information through any Internet connected computer and
select mobile devices as well.

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