Eagle Shield Weatherization Products & Services

Answers for Your Entire Home

Eagle Shield’s weatherization services begin with an 18-point energy audit. Our trained energy consultant will conduct a thorough walk-through of your home, inspecting doors, windows, electrical outlets, thermostats, fireplace flues, appliances, duct work and your attic. Based on our energy audit, we can determine exactly where and how to improve your home’s energy efficiency and comfort levels with cost-saving weatherization products and services.

Even new homes can have significant drafts and air leakage in and out of a home. Weatherization to eliminate that leakage is high on the Energy Star list of energy-saving home improvements.

Products and Services

Eagle Shield’s basic home weatherization service includes the installation weatherstripping of doors and windows, door sweeps, and outlet insulators. Weatherstripping and sealing includes:

  • Gaskets on all exterior wall outlets and switches
  • Entry door weatherstrip and sweeps
  • Bottom of window weatherstrip, where applicable
  • The area behind thermostats
  • Expanding foam in electrical and plumbing wall penetrations
  • Insulating attic hatch and drop-down ladder access

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