Customers love Eagle Shield. Here’s what they have to say:

My home is staying much cooler. I don’t have to run the air-conditioning as much as before. One thing I enjoyed the most was the representative Sherman. I just thought he was excellent. He was very knowledgeable, non-pressuring, and he had incredibly good people skills. Also, the installer was very efficient, clean and very well mannered. I like the company—you are very responsive and you care. You have an incredibly good company. In addition to the company and the salesmen, I am just so thrilled with the product. I am very conscientious about the environment. We have a tankless water heater, a hybrid car and I hang out my laundry to dry. I am very aware of preserving the environment. The big selling point was the new technology and its being much more efficient. Before I knew about Eagle Shield I tried calling a very large insulation company about 5 or 6 times out here in my area. I even spoke to the manager who promised me a salesman would call. They finally responded the day after I scheduled my appointment with Sherman. I could have cancelled with Sherman, but it was truly a blessing that I didn’t. I have recommended this to my friends and family. I am so jazzed about this product. Another big selling point is that NASA indorses it. We have done a lot of things to our home but this is the smartest thing we have done yet.

Pam, Pasadena, CA. Installed July 2008.

We had two or three very warm days in a row the second week after it was installed and my home was so comfortable that I didn’t even have to put a fan on in my bedroom at night, which is unheard of. I am so anxious to see how well it works in the wintertime. So far my home has been much more comfortable during the hot days, which isn’t a lot in Oakland but when it gets hot two or three days in a row, my particular house before would be unbearable. In fact, the week before Eagle Shield was installed it was around 97 degrees in my living room at 10pm at night. I am saying to everyone I have talked to that this was one of my better things I have done for myself in the past several years so I am glad I waited long enough to get Eagle Shield. One of the things I liked the absolute most was the lack of mess and debris in getting it installed. The guys were here on time and within a couple of hours they were out of here and you wouldn’t have even been able to tell that anyone was here doing anything. The lifetime warranty is very comforting. My sister does have a lung condition and we need to keep the house comfortable and hopefully this will do it. My overall experience with Eagle Shield was outstanding, far better then I anticipated. When they did the demonstration, I also had seen it on TV about how hot it gets with normal insulation and how reflective the Eagle Shield is. You don’t have to be anything but an average person to understand that it just makes total sense. I am extremely pleased thus far and I just expect to be pleased as time goes on.

Dorothy, Oakland, CA. Installed June 2008

Our house stays so much more comfortable even if it’s a really hot day. We are so pleased with Eagle Shield, I should do a commercial for you. I have kept track of what I was paying before Eagle Shield compared to what I am paying now and my PG&E bill has dropped significantly. The installation guys were very thorough and very careful to go around all seven of my skylights. I just love to tell all of our friends and family about your product. We are just tickled pink!!!

Barbara, Saratoga, CA . Installed February 2008.

I feel a big difference. We don’t have to run our air conditioning as often. We are able to cool the house a lot quicker then in the past. If it’s a really hot day the downstairs stays much cooler then upstairs. The upstairs can get up to about 86 degrees but when we turn the air on it takes about half the time to cool it down. Ken, your salesman, had a wonderful personality. Your installers were very professional, neat and thorough.

Robert, Clayton, CA. Installed February 2008.

Our home is feeling more comfortable. It stays cooler inside especially from room to room. We feel Eagle Shield has helped out a great deal this summer to keep the heat out. Our neighbors asked us about our water heater blanket and I have recommended them to your company. I think your company was excellent. The installers were very clean and conscientious. Our overall experience was a positive one.

Bob, San Jose, CA. Installed January 2008.

You can definitely feel the difference, our house is just so much more comfortable. One of the rooms in the back of our house is not nearly as hot as it used to be. Our heater and air conditioning run so much more efficiently. The installation was painless and we definitely look forward to getting our money out of this.

Florence, Tustin, CA. Installed November 2007.

Our house is much more comfortable then before. We have noticed a difference in our utility bill. Ken, your salesman, was really informative and your installer went above and beyond. Our heater and air conditioning run much less then they did before. We have already referred our family and friends to Eagle Shield.

Bill, Livermore, CA. Installed November 2007.

We bought the house knowing there was a huge insulation problem and this is why we had Eagle Shield installed. The gentleman I spoke to during my initial phone call to your Northern California office was very friendly, responsive, really helpful and made it really easy for us to get started. Kim was great, she was very helpful and accommodated my schedule. Our house maintains a very comfortable temperature. At night when it gets cold it stays really warm inside the house without the heater. So far we are very happy with the product.

Philip, Los Angeles, CA. Installed November 2007.

My home is feeling much more comfortable. The installation still allows me to store items in the attic and that is one of the things I like the most, besides the reduced need to use the air conditioner and heater. Thank you Eagle Shield.

Maurice, Carmichael, CA. Installed October 2007.

We are very satisfied. When I explained this to my son who is a Technical Engineer he said to go with Eagle Shield. When he came for vacation and saw what was installed he said this is exactly what he thought, he also noticed the difference. What we like most about Eagle Shield is the company itself and the product. We didn’t have air conditioning when Eagle Shield was installed last year but our house was the coolest this summer and hotter in the winter than our neighbors’. We have now had to purchase an air conditioning unit due to my husband’s medical condition. When they came to install it they noticed the Eagle Shield product and said this was a wonderful idea.

Freddie, La Mirada, CA. Installed October 2007.

Our home is cooler this summer then it has been in the past 4 years. Our air conditioning runs about 60-70% less than the previous years. I feel you have a very good product that stands by its promises and is exceeding my expectations. I work out of my house and the house stays very cool during the really hot days. It’s about 15 degrees cooler than it has been in the past. We average at least 15 to 20 days during the summer about 100-110 degrees. Eagle Shield has kept the house at about 80 degrees or under without having to run the air. In the past I would be running the air full time and I would have trouble keeping the house under 85-86 degrees. The installers were extremely nice and courteous, I hardly even knew they were here. Your salesman Tim was great and extremely nice. I highly recommend Eagle Shield.

Kathy, Rocklin, CA. Installed October 2007.

I have recommended you over and over again and I brag to everyone about Eagle Shield. We have noticed a huge difference and our house does seem to be more comfortable. We still do run our air conditioning because we do like our house cooler, between 68 and 70 degrees. We do believe Eagle Shield is at the top of the people that do the aluminum coverage.

Al, Sacramento, CA . Installed October 2007.

We have noticed about a couple hundred dollars difference in our monthly PG&E bill. Our home is feeling more comfortable. Our air conditioning and heater do run less. Everyone with your company did what they had promised. We have recommended you to our friends and family.

Debbie, Lodi, CA. Installed September 2007.

Everything that we were told would happen, happened. I liked the employees that came here. They were very clean and respected our home. We don’t have air conditioning but the house is so much cooler, everyone thinks we do. The temperature in our home is amazingly different. We have other neighbors that have the same house in the same court and it’s definitely warmer in their homes.

Kimberly, Petaluma, CA. Installed September 2007.

Yes, my home is feeling more comfortable. The top 2 things I like most about Eagle Shield are that it’s kept my house cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Yes, my heater and air conditioner run much less. The overall experience was a positive one.

Richard , Petaluma, CA . Installed September 2007.

We don’t have air conditioning and after this recent heat wave we have noticed a huge difference. We really liked the ease of the installation. We are amazed how less often we have to turn on the heater and how it runs much less than it did before. Your sales people set our expectations, they said it would be a few degrees lower than what is was without it and it’s basically been that. We have recommended you to our friends and family and we are quite pleased with the whole Eagle Shield experience.

Jose, Hayward, CA. Installed August 2007.

We felt the difference immediately. In the past our air conditioning would run all through out the day and since Eagle Shield was installed we hardly ever use it. We never need to use the heater but we do use our fireplace once in a while. The installers were very professional and clean. We will definitely recommend Eagle Shield to our friends and family.

Gayla, Yuba City, CA. Installed August 2007.