We Offer The Exclusive Eagle Shield Attic Energy Audit
Because A Healthy Attic = A Healthy House

Why is the Audit so important to our customers? The health of the house begins with the Attic. This is the heart of the house, where the internal organs are, as well as the brains. The Eagle Shield Attic Audit makes it easy to know where to put your resources first. We put things in an easy to follow format which shows what things will have the biggest bang for your Energy Buck. Prioritizing Energy Needs is what our customers say is their greatest benefit. Also, knowing what to do first, second and third keeps homeowners from wasting money. Our energy consultants look at the things that have a direct and significant impact on your comfort and energy usage. We do not charge for “gimmick services” where your home may be losing small percentages of energy.

After the audit, we will discuss with you your comfort requirements and where you’d like to see improvements. Based on your specific needs, we’ll prepare a set of recommendations, prioritized to make your home more energy efficient and comfortable all year long.

Contact us now at 800-408-2375 if you are ready to schedule your free Attic Energy Audit.

Must have an attic. Homeowners must be present. The home must be in our coverage area. First-time customers only.